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About Me

I am an experienced theatrical scenic designer interested in branching out of live theater and into the world of exhibit and themed experience/environment design. I have a passion for designing captivating creative spaces that tell stories and transport visitors to magical places.

I recently received my MFA in Scenic Design for Theatre and Film from Carnegie Mellon University. Most of my design experience is in the realm of traditional live theatre but, as I worked towards my MFA, I became interested in moving beyond the stage into themed entertainment and exhibit design. I took advantage of the Entertainment Technology Center at CMU to take classes in Themed Entertainment Design and learn more of what goes into designing a themed environment versus a theatrical space. I love the idea of creating a space or a whole isolated world that an audience can enter and become immersed in the information or story that is relayed through the design of the space.

In June of 2021 I took part in the Pratt Institute's Exhibition Design Summer Intensive to expand on my skills and learn more about how to design and create exciting interactive exhibitions. This class allowed me to explore my passion for creating unique audience experiences and taught me valuable practical knowledge such as
visitor flow planning and material
s selection for different applications.
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